Not Enough Coffee

Not Enough Coffee

We’ve gone a little quiet since starting this space because of so much going on with the move. On December 20th, we accepted an offer on our Charlotte, NC home, with a quick close. Since that day, it’s been full speed ahead. In the span of 12 days, we’ve nearly completed packing a 3600 square foot house, traveled back to Michigan for Christmas and rented an apartment while there. Not to mention the countless logistical details involved in a move, which is scheduled for January 10th. As hectic as it may seem (and is), it has all been moving forward pretty smoothly. I credit the afternoon coffee for getting us through the long days.

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen that we attempted to sneak in a bit of mid-mod neighborhood hunting during our trip back to Michigan. While I had every intention of snapping more photos, I opted to save that for another day when the move is complete and time is back on our sides. We did drive through some pretty fabulous areas, in addition to checking out the neighborhood around the Lansing Country Club, we found some real gems in the Glencairn neighborhood in East Lansing, as well as some pockets of mid-century modern on the west side of Lansing. We barely scratched the surface in Okemos this time around, but took another drive through Indian Hills, which has some of our favorite homes in that area. Sadly, the houses for sale that we hoped to see during our visit were both under contract by the time we arrived, but that just means the right house for us is still out there somewhere. Until we find it, we have a nice apartment with an attached garage to call home (and storage) for a while.

Time for more coffee…and packing.

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